Our Staff

Success at Natural Health Solutions is based upon improvement of patient health. Improvement in patient health is defined by movement from imbalance to balance (homeostasis). This balance is achieved by creating the proper environment for your body to move toward balance.

Dr. Walter Conard

Dr. Walter Conard is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Naturopathic Doctor, Trained Acupuncturist under Chiropractic License and a Doctor of Philosophy specializing in Nutrition.

Dr. Conard has been in practice for over 40 years including the last 10 years at his practice Natural Health Solutions in Riverton.

When the Doctor was 13, he was injured during a school basketball game. For 6 weeks he tried traditional routes of therapy with no success. At that point his family’s insurance agent asked why they had not tried chiropractic. This was a question that changed Dr. Conard’s life. After treatment by a chiropractor, he was playing sports again to his full ability, without the surgery and weeks of rehabilitation recommended by his family doctor. With continued chiropractic care, Dr.Conard went on to a successful high school and collegiate athletic career, fueling his desire to become a Chiropractic and Naturopathic doctor.


  • Fairbury Junior College
  • Kearny State University, Nebraska
  • National College of Chiropractic, Illinois (National University of Health Science)
  • Donsbach University School of Nutrition as a Doctor of Philosophy
  • Acupuncture Society of America
  • American Naturopathic Medical Institute
  • Academy of Integrative Medicine for Botanical Medicine in a Clinical Practice


  • Diplomat Credential with American Association of Integrative Medicine
  • Harvard Medical School in Neuropsychiatric Research
  • National Naturopathic Board of Examiners
  • American Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Diplomat credential with the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • University of Florida Center for Exercise Science


Co-Office Manager
Cat is a chiropractic and wellness assistant. She helps patients with decompression, Medx, and all the other treatments.
Cat has always found great joy in helping others.

“I got into this business by first being a 2007 patient. After the healing that I discovered, I knew I had to be more involved in this office every day. Gratefully, I was able to have that opportunity in March 2012.

My favorite part of having this job is seeing on a daily basis, the difference we make in people lives.
When I’m not working I like to be outside. Camping, gardening, walking….just being in the air.

I am a proud momma, an avid reader and a devoted friend.
I think of myself as a genuine, loving person. I truly do wish happiness for all.
The things I love most in life are my family, new beginnings, and choices.

My idea of a perfect day would start with a walk beside water, any sort–lake, river or ocean. I would finish my day the same way. The kinds of people I would like to meet are open and kind. That’s important to me, because we are all in this together.”


Co-Office Manager
Rose is a customer service rep. She greets each person, answers the phone and schedules appointments. Has always enjoyed being around people.

“I got into this line of business many years ago through different areas, but landed, thankfully at Natural Health Solutions.

My favorite part of having this job is seeing the improvement in each individual.
When I’m not working I like to be with family or outside, which is the reason I live in Wyoming.
I am a mother and grandmother. I love animals and fishing.
I think of myself as a very hard working and caring person.
The things I love most in life are GOD, my family and friends.
My idea of a perfect day would start with a smile from my loved ones, a day fishing, good food and fun.”

Tracy Givens

Tracy Givens is the Wellness Coordinator of Club Reduce at Natural Health Solutions. She helps clients regain internal health that results in losing weight and teaches them how to maintain a healthy weight as a lifestyle. Helping others and problem solving has always been a rewarding part of life for her. Drawing on her own experiences, she finds great joy helping people solve this particular challenge.

When not at the clinic, Tracy can be found on her family’s ranch riding and working along side her husband and sons, competing at a Barrel Race, reading in a quiet corner or just appreciating the beauty of life.

“The type of people I enjoy spending time with are Fun, Open, Kind, Inquisitive, and Brave. No matter our age, we need to keep learning. Most important, I believe, is to be and Encourager. The world is overrun with Critics.”

Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson is a Wellness & Chiropractic Assistant. She assists with patient care, including Spinal Decompression, Acupuncture, Body Wraps, and Detox Foot Baths. Being compassionate about helping others, she is always willing to help where needed.

“I have always been interested in Natural Healing, but have made this a lifestyle due to my son’s allergies. The quality of life Dr. Conard was able to give my child with his treatments and guidance has enabled him to flourish and be successful. This has meant the world to me. I wish this for everyone out there.”

“The things I love in life are being with family and friends enjoying the outdoors, camping, boating, fishing or just quiet time listening to the world softly whisper.”