shutterstock_199925567 There are many different factors that can lead to an imbalance in your health. Thinking about all of the factors that can lead to this lack of balance can be daunting for many patients. In reality, most every symptom, disease, and pathological adaptation is the direct result of either toxicity or deficiency. Your body is an amazing biological ecosystem that has the astounding ability to deal with these toxicities and deficiencies that our modern industrialized life throws at us. The adaptation is always at the expense of how our bodies function and ultimately our health.

These toxicities and deficiencies can be from many different sources and manifest themselves in many different physiological manners. For example, you could have nutritional deficiencies and toxicities in your diet, environmental toxicities, deficiencies or imbalances in your numerous bodily energies, or deficiencies of movement within the joints of your body. Regardless of where these toxicities or deficiencies are coming from, they all create a stress to your body, resulting in sub-optimal functioning and health.

Every treatment that we do at Natural Health Solutions is geared toward reducing these toxicities and increasing sufficiency. Essentially everything that we do and recommend for a patient is designed to increase the function of the cells and energies within the body. Every patient will respond in a different manner and at a different rate of speed to various treatments based upon their current physiological functioning and past health choices made. Some patients may see positive changes immediately while others may even feel worse for a period of time while going through the treatment process. A good example of how someone can be increasing their health while not feeling better is to think about when a person quits a drug addiction. For a period of time, they may feel much worse than they did when they were using the drug. Now that they have decided to not take the drug anymore, are they healthier for not doing so, and are their bodies moving more toward balance? Of course they are, and this is extremely important to remember as you are taking the journey to increased health and wellness.

This is why viewing healthcare from a purely symptom based mentality is not always a scientific way of viewing your health. There are many drugs and therapies that may decrease your pain or make you ?feel? better, and actually decrease your overall health. You can be certain that everything we do is designed to increase the level of your health and cellular function.

The treatment plan that is formulated by the doctors is based upon your current health status and the exams and testing performed during your evaluation. This treatment plan is designed for each individual to obtain the best results and to optimize both your health and wellness.

It is important for you, as the patient, to realize that you are an active part of your own health. The choices that we all make on a daily basis all have a direct impact upon our health. Welcome to Natural Health Solutions and congratulations on making the right choice!